About the Artist

Jenny Mothershead

I’m an artist, wife and mom primarily working with glass paint and mixed media. I’ve been drawn to art and a creative practice my whole life. Being able to create beautiful and functional artwork in my home-studio in Maryland brings me such joy! 

I am visually oriented and have a design and process based approach to my work. My paintings are inspired by all things nature, but most of all big and beautiful floral blooms. I enjoy using vibrant colors and simple organic lines in my artwork.

My paintings embody my love for nature, color, and a touch of nostalgia. My hope is that my artwork brings beauty and joy into the life and home of the recipient and is something that is passed on through each generation.

Lesser known facts about me:

Personality Type:  INFJ

Favorite TV Shows: Real Housewives Franchise, Days of Our Lives, Downton Abbey Outlander, Magnolia Network.  I really love all drama and home television!

Dream Place to Travel to: Ireland, Scotland

Favorite Color: Purple

Fun Facts: I’m a twin

Skills: Not much outside of art! Maybe bossing my husband around! 

Favorite Podcasts:  Windowsill Chats, Laura Horn Art